Omu: Work done during 2018-2019

  • Detailed exploration work completed to-date:
  • Exploration covered an area of 1.5 km x 1.5 kms
  • Geologic mapping & prospecting
  • Collection of soil samples on 100m x 100m grid
  • IP survey completed, 25 lines over 100m spacing

Technical Update

Location of initial drill holes at Omu site

Omu – soils & IP Survey Data

Omu – Geologic & IP Survey Data

OMU – all datasets

OMU – IP Chargeability Targets

Chargeability anomaly as seen below the E-W Omu creek (centre of survey) and main Fault displayed here at depths -50m to -350m ( extent of survey) shows a significant body dipping to the south. This becomes the basis of our drill program.

OMU – IP Near Surface Targets

  • IP survey defines at least 2 distinct chargeability targets at Omu Prospect
  • This section viewed at 120m below surface
  • Omu Central, is approximately 800m long by 300-400m wide
  • Omu NE is 300-500m long by 200-300 m wide
  • Both targets have coincident copper in soil anomalies and copper mineralization in outcrop

OMU – IP Targets Shown to -335m

  • Both Omu Central and Omu NE maintain their chargeability amplitude at depth & beyond
  • Both are open at depth to at least 335m vertical below surface
  • IP survey limits between 300 and 400m depth
  • Omu Central anomaly widens at depth and dips moderately to the south
  • Omu NE appears to remain vertical